The flea market

The organizers, flea markets and loyal regulars used to the big Sunday markets at the Market of National Interest (Min) had to find the time long.After their shutdown in December 2018, there was no market from January to August.In September, everyone thought it was back on track, but without sufficient security and official authorization, the market was not allowed to open in October and November.

93rd flea market

Sunday, December 15, it is, finally, the great return to the Min de Rezé.Not under the main hall of building A, as in September, but at building B – far to the right inside the Min – for the flea market, and on a corridor of building A for the video-dressing.Parking will take place behind Building B and at the bottom of the Min.Admission is free and there will be food on site.

Serge Mabon and Bruno Buffard, the creator and organizer, who had chosen to postpone this monthly event to the third Sunday of the month to avoid competition from neighbouring markets, are satisfied.It’s a relief for all of us.It was about time this was fixed.But there is nothing to be gained.We are confident, but not 100% confident.


With this choice of the third Sunday, we know we will attract more people.Thus, on Sunday, for the 93rd flea market Badger Kickoff and Christmas antiquity, 70 flea markets , many of them new and some from very far away, will be on site. And for the 73rd vide-dressing, 60 spaces are reserved.And of course, everyone will be under shelter.

The flea markets, which have suffered significant losses with these stops, are delighted to be back.

And if all goes well, we will return to Building A in January, the two accomplices continue.But Building B may be more comfortable, as it will be less cold and there are beautiful locations, a little like in the old Min.

On Sunday, about ten people will be in charge of security to guide the hunters from the entrance.The flower market will also be open but only to professionals.